© Andrea Salzmann

sackl du printemps

A film by Doris Uhlich and Andrea Salzmann
Colour, 22 min. 30 sec., 2007.

Starting point for „sackl du printemps“ was „Le Sacre du Printemps“ /  "The Rite of Spring“ and all the existing
interpretations of this theme. „sackl du printemps“ is the interpretation of a growing choreographer,
dealing with the sacrifice, carrying bags („sackl“ is the austrian expression for bag) of earth.

Impulstanz Newsletter „Juice“, Mai 2007

"A beauty to kneel down before is also Doris Uhlich‘s little film „sackl du printemps“ (Austrian for „little spring bag“),
which she presented along with the botanically equally valuable creation „Impatiens walleriana“ at Tanzquartier Wien:
for 20 minutes, she is displayed piling up 20-kilo bags of flower soil in an empty studio. As Pina Bausch, Vaclav Nijinsky
or Maurice Béjart you may now ask yourself of course: „Why the hell did I think so complicated about it?...“ 


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