© Katarina Šoškić

Habitat / Halle E

Habitat / Halle E is Doris Uhlich’s biggest choreography in open space to date. The naked bodies of 120 people flick, vibrate and slap against each other to electronic sounds and abstract techno tracks. The performers celebrate their unity in diversity. As individuals and as a crowd at the same time they conquer the space in a choreography that is captivating, highly energetic and, at times, collectively reposing. Hall E is transformed into a “habitat” full of unexpected life forms – the audience moves about freely in the available space. Habitat transcends conventional ideas of the body, of dance and of nakedness in a subversive manner. Habitat is a utopia. A shameless but also a free-of-shame hymn to a naked body beyond cultural inscriptions and conventional ideals of beauty. The body is not devalued to the level of a fetish, an object; and carnality is neither metaphorically nor poetically ideologised but understood in a material sense and is therefore presented in all its mass and weight yet also in its fragility.

Concept, Choreography Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgical consultant Theresa Rauter
Choreographic realisation with Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Milan Loviška, Mzamo Nondlwana,
Liv Schellander, Katharina Senk
Performance 120 performers
DJ Boris Kopeinig
Light Florian Bach
Technical consultant Gerald Pappenberger
Communication, Social Media Jonathan Hörnig
Production assistants Johanna Kreft, Sebastian Lorenz
Production Margot Wehinger, Theresa Rauter
International Distribution Something Great

Coproduction Tanzquartier Wien & insert (Theaterverein)

Premiere 25/10/2019
Further performance 26/10/2019

insert (Theaterverein) is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.