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Habitat / Halle E

Habitat / Halle E is Doris Uhlich’s biggest choreography in open space to date. The naked bodies of 120 people flick, vibrate and slap against each other to electronic sounds and abstract techno tracks. The performers celebrate their unity in diversity. As individuals and as a crowd at the same time they conquer the space in a choreography that is captivating, highly energetic and, at times, collectively reposing. Hall E is transformed into a “habitat” full of unexpected life forms – the audience moves about freely in the available space. Habitat transcends conventional ideas of the body, of dance and of nakedness in a subversive manner. Habitat is a utopia. A shameless but also a free-of-shame hymn to a naked body beyond cultural inscriptions and conventional ideals of beauty. The body is not devalued to the level of a fetish, an object; and carnality is neither metaphorically nor poetically ideologised but understood in a material sense and is therefore presented in all its mass and weight yet also in its fragility.
Habitat can be developed in different places within 2-3 weeks with local people. Doris Uhlich is interested in working with large ensembles, which are developed temporarily at specific places in order to transform dance into a collective ritual.

Concept, Choreography Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgical consultant Theresa Rauter
Choreographic realisation with Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Milan Loviška,
Liv Schellander, Katharina Senk
Performance Andrea Vezga Acevedo, Tina Amerstorfer, Oliver Arnold, Viktoria Bayer, Jonas Becker, Emma Blandl, Andreas Bohrer, Manfred Bohun, Lorena Solís Bravo, Anna Karina Brosch, Florian Decker, Eleonora Ciani, Yuri Correa Vivar, Pêdra Costa, Sofia Fatzberger, Klemens Fischer, Lukas Froschauer, Verena Giesinger, Michal Gil, Violeta Gil Martìnez, Lia Quirina Gladilin, Silk Graf, Laura Grossmann, Doris Haidvogl, Veronika Susanna Harb, Fiona Hauser, Ekaterina Haider, Carina Herbst, Sophia Hörmann, Stefanie Hörmanseder, Noémie Hoja, Sarah Horvath, Ivo Hunek, Christina Hurt, Sabrina Huth, Sebastian Jüllig, Johanna Kampl, Christian Franz Klein, Annina Kriechbaum, Louis Labadens, Jolyane Langlois, Elina Lautamäki, Klaus Lengefeld, Petra Luckey, Karin Lux, Sandra Mader, Anne Mégier, Fritz Michl, mimski, Noa Molato, Julia Müllner, Ann Muller, Hyeji Nam, Alice Neusiedler, Paula Oberndorfer, Bernhard Peball, Clara Plessing, Carmen Pratzner, Florian Reither, Luisa Fernanda Rodríguez, Vera Rosner, Nina Sandino, Marianne Sayer, Alina Schaller, Marie Schepansky, Camilla Schielin, Verena Schneider, Marie Schmitz, Teresa Schweiger, Tom Schweitzer, Lena Schwingshandl, Elisabeth Senzenberger, Katharina Senzenberger, Flo Sierwald, Jenny Simanowitz, Valentino Skarwan, Yuli Spiegelman, Ulla Stahlstadt, Anna Steiner, Maritina Theodorou, Indra Tjoa, Bar Shem Tov, Živa Vavpotič, Werner Vockenhuber, Barbara Vörös, Monika Volk, Christa Wall, Michaela Wolf, Patrick Wolf, Michael Wolloch, Michael Würmer, Daniela Zahlner and more
Special Guest August Schram
DJ Boris Kopeinig
Light Design Gerald Pappenberger, Jan Wagner
Headpieces Zarah Brandl
Press, Communication Jonathan Hörnig
Production assistants Johanna Kreft, Sebastian Lorenz
Production Margot Wehinger, Theresa Rauter
International Distribution Something Great

Coproduction Tanzquartier Wien & insert (Theaterverein)

Premiere 25/10/2019

Further performances 26/10 & 27/10/2019

insert (Theaterverein) is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

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