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Universal Dancer

What strength must one possess to open oneself up, to change something, restructure something, to get something cracking?

In Universal Dancer, Doris Uhlich shakes to rouse the present, and her intentions are big: No standby. Push the play button! In a world where pragmatism and efficiency have infiltrated our very flesh and blood, she looks for opulence and idealism, for a collective Zeitgeist and the dissolution of borders. The dancer had a machine made that would potentialize her own strength, shaking her up, and shaking up the world. Her body becomes activated and is put into motion; it longs for an activation and mobility for the entire space, for the world. The theater space becomes the epicenter of an outwardly expanding movement. Uhlich’s intention of flooding the theater space with energy led her to investigate techno culture – techno as an act of dance that spreads out energetically and that understands sound and movement as a flow or current.

“The piece has an openness and permeability, as does my body. It’s an attempt to broaden a solo spatially, to transfer energies, and to be a catalyst for associations that stand in connection with the present and its movements.” (Doris Uhlich)

Choreography & Performance Doris Uhlich

Dramaturgical Collaboration Vanja Fuchs & Yoshie Maruoka

Machinist Gerald Pappenberger

Sound Mix Boris Kopeinig

Light Mikko Hynninen

Outside Eye Christine Standfest

Production  Christine Sbaschnigg & Theresa Rauter / insert (Theaterverein)

Thanks to Armin Anders & Haiko Pfost

Co-production brut/Vienna, Frascati/Amsterdam, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm/Frankfurt am Main

insert (Theaterverein) is funded by the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna


Premiere 25/09/2014 brut /Vienna 


Further performances:

brut/Vienna: 26/09, 27/09, 30/09 & 01/10/2014

Frascati/Amsterdam: 17/10 & 18/10/2014

Künstlerhaus Mosounturm/Frankfurt: 31/10 & 01/11/2014






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