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Every Body Electric

Following her duet Ravemachine, Doris Uhlich is now continuing to work with people with physical disabilities on her concept of 'Energetic Icons,' creating individual and collective 'energy dance forms' in this company piece. Every body has specific ways of articulating its dynamics and fleshly pleasure. Movements themselves allow the body to become charged, they become a kind of endogenous fuel. Every Body Electric is a simple, but radical invitation to explore potentials through dance, to make them visible, and to delve deep into an archaeology of energy. What other possibilities open up when machines – for example wheelchairs, prostheses, crutches – are regarded and staged as extensions to the body? Personal rhythms, dynamics, beats and bodily characteristics lead to unique dance styles. The explosive power, but also the gentle or forceful poetry of Every Body Electric ultimately rests in how the performers perceive their bodies and how they are perceived.

The various performers work towards opening up their physical potentials. In this process I discover more and more that even a very small movement can be vehement. Normative ideas and concepts of energy and power are destabilised, shaken. Doris Uhlich

Choreography Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy Elisabeth Schack
With Erwin Aljukic, Yanel Barbeito, Adil Embaby, Sandra Mader, Karin Ofenbeck, Thomas Richter,
Vera Rosner, Katharina Zabransky
Light, Space Gerald Pappenberger 
Sound Boris Kopeinig
Costume Zarah Brandl, thanks to Christine Sbaschnigg
Production Assistant Annamaria Waliczky
Feedback Yoshie Maruoka & Theresa Rauter

Thanks to lila www.lila.cx, Omar Gomez Hernandez and all the assistants

Co-produced by Tanzquartier Wien, Schauspiel Leipzig & insert (Theaterverein)

insert (Theaterverein) is subsidised by the cultural department of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

Premiere 25/01/2018 Opening Tanzquartier Wien

Every Body Electric is available in 3 versions: large, medium & small


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