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Doris Uhlich was roaming Vienna, searching for older people who would work with her. She met them at the Volksgarten (a public park in Vienna), on the tram or the tube, in coffee houses or at the senior’s fair. The project was eventually named insert.eins/eskapade. It was actually based on Paula Wessely's and Zarah Leander's characteristic (self)touching gestures in their movies from the years 1933 to 1945. Together with the older people a choreography was developed and performed at the Bellaria Cinema and on the stage of dietheater künstlerhaus.

und bears the consequences of the first piece of work: no citations of movie gestures can be found here any more. Each gesture comes directly from the protagonists.

Today I am everything. I am the twenty-six-year-old, I am the sixty-year-old, I am the eighty-year-old. Everything is summed up in the 'here and now.' Frédéric Nedoma-Ohnhäuser, eighty-six years old

By talking with each individual person, Doris Uhlich focused on their body and concentrated on their language. The next step was to study the person standing up, sitting upright or lying down. Based on these rudimentary movements, sets of body and motion material were developed for each person, each set with a specific scope. By zooming into the fragility and the robustness of the body and personal gestures, a field of analysis is opened at the intersection of the everyday-body/everyday-scenarios on the one hand and the artistic body/body scenarios on the other. und is a project which changes all the time. Preople become older, bodies change, people leave the company, others join the company, new themes appear and are worked on. und doesn´t come to the point of finishing.

Concept, Choreography Doris Uhlich
Dramaturgy Andrea Salzmann
Performers: Peter Fenz, Uschi Halmágyi, Christa Himmel-Schwarzmüller, Pauline Haslinger, Frédéric Nedoma-Ohnhäuser, Susanna Peterka, Otto Schödl, Elfie Sus, Ilse Urbanek, Werner Vockenhuber, Pia Voldet.

Coproduction: Doris Uhlich and imagetanz

Premiere: 14/03/2007 dietheater Künstlerhaus (brut / Wien) as a part of the festival imagetanz

Supported by the cultural department of the City of Vienna


Dkfm. Mag. Hans Breitschopf, born in Vienna in 1938, member of the Vienna Boys Choir from 1947 – 1952, member of the academy chamber choir Vienna 1956-1961, member of the musica antiqua und clemencic consort wien 1961-1975, certified graduate of college for international trade (world trade) 1963, employed in industry and business administration etc. 1964-1993,part-time choir director and musician since 1972, self-employed specialized music tradesman, studied history of fine arts in Vienna 2000-2005, performer in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Peter Fenz, born in 1938, elementary school, secondary modern school, apprenticeship, company employee for 40 years, cloakroom attendant at Theater an der Wien, „after seven years of retirement I was discovered as an extra by Miss Doris Uhlich“, performer in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Pauline Haslinger, nickname „Hasi“, born in Texing in 1929, raised at her grand parents´ working farm, school for agricultural and domestic economy, married 1953, employed at the federal office for food research, retired 1989, husband died when she was forty-two years old, three children, eight grand-children, one great grand-child, performer in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Christa Himmel-Schwarzmüller, stagename „Christal“, born in Gmünd/Waldviertel 1947, Graphic Designer education at the Higher Technical School in Linz, working in the advertising industry for twenty-seven years, runs own gallery, domestic and international exhibitions, creative projects with children, young people and adults also in cooperation with artist associations such as the Forum Stadtpark, development of the seminar series “living colors”, trained seminar supervisor in skill enhancement for adults, integrative Yoga and meditation, school of energy mastery (USA), own center 1997-2000, active trainer for meditation and energy mastery, artist recent project: „Project Chair-Design“, restoration of old chairs with each chair receiving a completely new individual design (recycling art).
Frédéric Nedoma-Ohnhäuser, born in Vienna in 1921 as Friedrich Johann Viktor Nedoma, business school, certified management accountant, data processing tradesman, artistic education with certificate of the Adult Education Center for Fine Arts Lazarettgasse (adult education), exhibitions: Lazarettgasse, University of Vienna, WUK, Marktgasse, acrylic painting “The Last Potter” for the published dissertation of Gerda König, performer in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Susanna Peterka, born in Vienna in 1948 as the second daughter of the coffee house owners Josef and Anna Kalla, office clerk since 1964, public service since 1980, participation „anatomie Sade/Wittgenstein“ (theatercombinat) 2002/2003 and „belagerung bartleby“ 2004 im hau 1 (director:Claudia Bosse), participant in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Ilse Urbanek, born in Waidhofen/Thaya in 1935, Doctor of Philosophy, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, after working as a design draughtsman, employed high-school teacher and school librarian for twenty-eight years, author of and performer in “Frauen führen sich auf” (transl.: Women showing off, a feminist project of the University of Vienna), participation in „Anatomie Sade/Wittgenstein“ and „Die Perser“ (The Persian) (Theatercombinat) 2002/2003 and 2006, actress in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Werner Vockenhuber, born in Vienna in 1943, education: toolmaker 1958-1962, higher technical school for machine building at the TGM in Vienna 1962-1966 (evening school), high school in Vienna 1968-1972/evening school, course of studies for advertisement and sales 1974-1976, University of Economics Vienna/evening school, various seminars (courses)/personnel management, mediator, career: toolmaker 1962-1964, technical tradesman 1964-1968, product manager 1969-1976, sales manager / proxy 1976-1983, general manager – German enterprise 1984-2005, retired since 1.7.2005, playing the piano, tendency towards theatre, psychology, sports, actor in „insert.eins/eskapade“.
Pia Voldet, born in Geneva, lives in Meyrin (Switzerland), studied chemistry, Doctor of Chemistry 1966, research at the University Institute for Analytical Chemistry 1966-1968, research at the University Institute for Mineralogy and Chemistry – Congresses in Europe, publications 1968-2004, studied at the conservatoire populaire de musique, section théatre in Geneva 1996-2000, diploma in acting (dilletant) 2000, participation in theater such as „Les Perses“ (director:Claudia Bosse) in Geneva 2006, „Le Lit“ by Caroline de Cornière 2007.


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